Our History

Epéda, itinéraire d'un savoir faire

Epéda's excellence was not born last night. Since 1929, it has combined the best of French tradition and technology in its bedding. Behind its unique know-how, those of its Fine Craftsmen, the talents and craftsmen who have been perpetuating Beautiful Sleep for generations. Underneath its unequalled elegance, the elegance of its materials, refined linen, hemp or wool, selected from carefully selected French producers. Epéda's uniqueness is also rooted in its fierce desire to manufacture in France, a choice that unquestionably contributes to its incomparable qualities. When Bertrand Faure set up his tools in the Levallois-Perret workshop, he probably never imagined how far his tramway seats would take him.


The mattresses of the ORIGINES collection are elected product of the year, product with natural component.


Reissue of the mattress cloth. Epéda celebrates the fabric of its beginnings. And continues to reinvent sleep.


Birth of the Beautiful Sleep! Epéda thus becomes the spokesperson for the Beaux Dormeurs (sleep lovers), whom she prepares for exceptional nights.


Epéda mattresses incorporate a new technology: multi-air®.


With its Dédicace line, launched in 2006, Epéda is reviving the gesture that made the brand famous: quilting. From this meticulous operation, which consists of hand-tying each of the 42 transverse links in order to associate the mattress faces, are born the luxurious Dédicace cushions and longevity, so emblematic of a high tradition of French bedding.

A perpetual adaptability that has allowed Epéda to extend the Beau-Dormir brand around the world and to celebrate its 90th anniversary. When Bertrand Faure set up his tools in the Levallois-Perret workshop, he probably never imagined how far his tramway seats would take him.


In 1967, once again driven by the idea of ever more precise comfort, Faure set out to conquer innovation. After reviewing inventions and browsing through international licenses, they invested once again in a German suspension patent. Rather than a mesh of self-contained springs, it’s a single steel wire knitted into coils, effectively signaling the end of the spring that wakes you up like a traitor. Thus, with its multispire technology, Epéda creates “the most comfortable mattresses in the world”, the same ones that made the heroes of the first TV commercials say “I want my Epéda!


This is the year of consecration, the excellence of the brand is officially recognized and it is elected N°1 in French bedding. Far from resting on its laurels, Epéda has never stopped reinventing itself, pushing back the limits of comfort, choosing ever more noble materials and ever more refined finishes. The company has combined its historical know-how with technological advances.


Buoyed by its growing success, Epéda officially became a brand in 1950. Four years later, the general public could finally experience the famous mattress whose virtues were so highly praised. “Epéda sleep, happy awakenings”, “the Epéda mattress [that] makes you sleep better”… some of the slogans made an impression and contributed to the brand’s reputation. Over time, quality continues to improve, driven by the love of a job well done. Behind the scenes, Epéda’s craftsmen, seamstresses and ganseurs know their job inside out, and the tradition of Epéda’s fine craftsmanship is now passed down from one generation to the next.


The mechanics of the business began to take off. Eager to improve the comfort of his seats, Faure bought a license to manufacture spring suspensions, the EPEDA patent, EPEDA being the acronym of the names of its inventors, the Germans Ehlenbeck, Pattes and Daverpolster. It obviously improves the well-being of passengers and workers, who naturally take up the streetcar seats at siesta time. Watching them, Faure had an idea: why not use the Epéda system to produce a mattress? No sooner said than done: the very first spring mattress leaves Faure’s workshops. He didn’t know it yet, but it was going to dethrone the wool mattress and change the way the French slept.

At the height of their glory, shipping companies also placed orders and Epéda mattresses actively contributed to the prestige of their liners. We can easily imagine the travelers of mythical shipping companies crossing the waves comfortably lying on board the Normandie, the Lafayette or the Île de France. Who knows, maybe at the dawn of the 30’s Epéda mattresses sailed to New York?


Mr. Bertrand Faure sets up his workshop in Levallois-Perret to manufacture seats for the Paris metro and tramway. With experience and progress, Ets Faure soon diversified its activity and began making saddlery for cars and airplanes.