The Epeda Dedicace premium collection

Fine materials, extremely comfortable and high-quality mattresses, the Dedicace collection of tufted mattresses will win you over.

Exceptional Dedicace bedding

For one night, the Dedicace premium collection gives you access to never seen before sensations and makes you forget about gravity. Supported by exceptional bedding, sleep becomes an endless journey that raises your dreams.

The Dedicace premium collection offers you the ultimate comfort thanks to the high precision of the bedding support combined with the effect of 7 different zones in the mattress: properties enhanced by the fine materials and the ever-lasting elegance that are characteristic of Dedicace.

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Dédicace Configurator

Discover our exclusive Dédicace configurator, a tool that will help you turn your desires into reality. Inspired by our commitment to excellence and French craftsmanship, this configurator will help you create a bedding set (mattress, box spring and headboard) tailored to your needs and desires.


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A unique know-how

Manufactured on demand, each product is the fruit of unparalleled rigor and sense of finishing. Therefore, the stitching, the closing, the embroidery, and the finishing are entirely handmade by our craftsmen, professional and talented people which carry on the high tradition of the brand’s bedding. They are also those who are behind the scenes carrying out the tufting, the ultimate embodiment of the brand’s refinement.

To achieve this, they delicately tie each of the 42 transverse links, therefore connecting the two sides of the mattress and giving birth to the sublime quilting of the Dedicace premium collection which guarantees the durability of the bedding and the Epeda’s irresistible appeal.


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