Know-how and Art of Sleep since 1929

Epeda has been renowned for its unique qualities for over 90 years. Tailor-made sleep, hand-stitched comfort, state of the art technology and French production, since 1929, Epeda has the ways and means to lull French people to sleep.

Know-how, high standards and French production

Each Epeda model is the result of an unchanging succession of techniques and professions. From the choice of materials to assembly, each step involves people and machines, craftsmanship and technical expertise. Therefore, 200 people work in our workshops in Criquebeuf-sur-Seine in Normandy and carry on the high standards that have always made Epeda’s great reputation. One thing is certain, the Art of Sleep has beautiful nights to come.


The Art of Sleep by those who create it

Epeda pays tribute to a tradition which saw it come to light and its craftsmen, so many professions and talented people operating behind the Art of Sleep. Therefore, stitchers, machine operators, mattress-makers, among others, take over and work one after the other to make products worthy of French bedding tradition.

A healthy body on a healthy mattress

Precise comfort and ideal ventilation, multi-air technology offers you an idyllic version of the night. Incorporating 32% recycled steel, the pocket springs of the patented regen’Air system guarantee you healthy bedding thanks to regular ventilation (up to 10 times per night). Their very high adaptability and the effect of the different zones of the mattress (3 or 5) ensure you high-definition precision: the shoulders and pelvis-lumbar parts receive perfectly balanced support while the rest of the body enjoys optimal flexibility.