Great and natural materials

The spirit of Epeda is to choose unique untreated and natural materials. Even if we choose them based on their exceptional qualities, where they come from matters a lot. Thus, flax and hemp are guaranteed Made in France and all our suppliers must abide by a code of conduct.

Our beautiful materials for summer…

Hemp : Its farming is one of the least polluting to grow. Natural, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, it has a huge absorbing power and an exceptional resistance. Our hemp is 100 % Made in France.
Flax : It is a vegetable and ecologic fibre that keeps you dry for long, which is fresh for summer and completely harmless. This material keeps you company in summer sides to guarantee you good nights. Our flax is also 100 % Made in France.
Silk : High-quality, soft and resistant, silk fibres show excellent acclimatization qualities that keep warm or fresh depending on the season.


The Art of Sleep for Future Generations

We are constantly dedicated to improving our products. Thus, we look for natural materials with characteristics that bring the best sleeping comfort and have a limited impact on the environment. We prioritize local suppliers and vegetal fibres.

And for winter

Wool : Sustainable and biodegradable, wool has many natural qualities and each variety has its owns. We are proud to have 100 % Made in France wool.
Shetland wool is known for being soft and robust.
The mohair variety is exceptional for being light and for its thermic quality.
The alpaca is well known for its very warm, resistant fibre and its softness when sleeping.
The cashmere is appreciated for being uniquely soft and is also excellent for thermic regulation.